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IP Vision Pro Camera Controls

IP Vision Pro offers several options for camera control.

  • Popup view with buttons
  • Double tap
  • Swipe gestures

Please note that not all cameras support all options.

Popup buttons are available for all cameras. It is pretty straightforward, you press a button and a command is sent to the camera.
There are two modes of operation (not all cameras support both modes):

  • Step - when a button is pressed the camera moves or zoom a fixed amount.
  • Continuous - when a button is pressed the camera starts to zoom or to move in the desided direction. When the button is released the camera movement stops.

Double tap requires camera support for absolute positioning. It can be used for positioning only. Double tap the image and the camera will move to that position.

Swipe gestures can be used on cameras that support proportional positioning. Swipe up/down on the left half of the image for zoom and on the right half of the image for tilt. Swipe horizontally for pan. Camera displacement is proportional to the distance your finger has dragged the screen..

IP Vision Pro zoom control works with cameras that have optical zoom.
Most cameras with digital zoom don't have the zoom functionality handled by the camera. For those cameras IP Vision Pro can not be used for zoom control.
There are few exceptions (Mobotix cameras and Axis 212 for example) where the camera itself handles digital zoom commands, in that case IP Vision zoom control can be used.

PTZ controls compatibility matrix

The follwoing table shows options available by brand. A particular camera model may not support all options.

Brand  Buttons 
 Screen tap   Gesture 
 Panasonic  YES NO YES NO
 Toshiba  YES NO YES NO
 Linksys  YES NO YES NO
 Trendnet  YES NO NO YES
 Vivotek  YES NO NO NO


Popup buttons controls

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Control buttons

 Snapshot   Zoom   Presets 
 Relay On/Off   Day/Night 
 Home   Pan   Tilt