Software Design

MAcalc Pro Functions

Integer calculator functions

key function key function key function
And And RoL Rotate left Lj Left justify
Or Or RoR Rotate right #B Count bits
Xor Xor RoLy Rotate left by y 1's ones complement
Not Not RoRy Rotate right by y 2's twos complement
ShL Shift left ShLy Shift left by y MskL Mask left
ShR Shift right ShRy Shift right by y MskR Mask right

Floating point calculator functions

key function key function key function
square Sin sine Sinh hyperbolic sine
√x square root Cos cosine Cosh hyperbolic cosine
yx power Tan tangent Tanh hyperbolic tangent
y√x n root °C to centigrate →R to retangular
ex natural exponential Sin–¹ arc sine Sih–¹ arc sine hyperbolic
Ln natural logarithm Cos–¹ arc cosine Coh–¹ arc cosine hyperbolic
10 common exponential Tan–¹ arc tangent Tah–¹ arc tangent hyperbolic
Log common logarithm °F to fahrenheit →P to polar
x! factorial Ip integer part →Rad to radian
1/x reciprocal Fp fractional part →Deg to degree
% percent Mod modulo →Grd to grad
π pi π pi Hyp hypotenuse

Finance mode calculator functions

key function key function key function
i interest rate i interest rate Δdys days between dates
n period CFo cash flow 0 Date date + days
PV present value CFj cash flow j Σ + summation add
FV future value Nj number of cfs Σ - summation subtract
PMT periodic payment amount IRR internal rate of return μ mean
INT compute interest NPV net present value weighted mean
Amort amortization NFV net future value σ standard deviation
Edit edit TVM Edit edit Cash Flow C Σ clear statistics registers
12÷ divide by 12 %T percent of total x! factorial
12x multiply by 12 Δ% percent difference Cy,x combination
1/x reciprocal % percent Py,x permutation
Cfin clear TVM registers Cfin clear CF registers Γx gamma