Software Design


DeviceInfo is a single stop shop for iPhone/iPod/iPad system information.
It displays information about several system components. Some can be obtained navigating through various iPhone/iPod screens and some you will not find anywhere else.

Version 2.0.0 runs on iPad using its native resolution.

Unix users will find that DeviceInfo displays a subset of the information obtained by commands such as "netstat", "ifconfig", "ps", "uname", "df"

The application is very simple to use. Just press the desired subsystem at the botton of the screen and the information will be displayed. Results can be viewed in portrait or landscape mode. In some cases, landscape mode shows more details.

Main subsystems

  • DNS and network interfaces (including VPN, GPRS/EDGE/3G, WiFi)
  • TCP/UDP connections.
  • Routing table.
  • Running processes.
  • System info, memory and disk usage.

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Screen shots

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