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Map-o-meter is an easy to use app that allows you to mark an arbitrary path/route on the map and measure its distance.
With closed paths the area is displayed.

Contractors can easily measure distances/areas of a terrain, golf players can measure distance to a hole, pilots can measure runway length, race drivers can measure racetrack length, tourists can find the walking distance from point A to point B on any city.


  • Imperial and metric units are supported
  • Map can be automatically zoomed to your current location
  • Current location can be added to path
  • Paths can be saved in XML or KML format.
    XML files can be loaded in Map-o-meter, KML files can be loaded in GoogleEarth (if installed).
    Files can be transferred to your PC/Mac using iTunes filesharing.
  • Undo
  • Search a location (by address or name)
  • Compute route given a start and finish points and optional waypoints
  • Portrait and landscape support

Universal app, supports iPad native resolution and iPhone/iPod.

Note: area computation uses spherical geometry, it is not accurate for small areas.

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