Software Design

Technical details

Net Video is a web server. It waits for requests to arrive and therefore there must be a viable network route between the web browser that will display the video stream and Net Video.

It can stream video using MJPEG encoding or HTML5. It also supports single jpg snapshots.

Supported URLs for different stream options:

  • http://host:port/
    that is the default, Net Video will deliver the best option for the browser

  • http://host:port/push.html
    stream will use HTML5. It is supported by Safari and Chrome

  • http://host:port/mjpeg.html
    stream in MJPEG format. It is supported by Safari, Chrome and Firefox

  • http://host:port/mjpegif.html
    same as above using iframe, best option for Firefox

  • http://host:port/index.html
    jpeg pull, slower but it is the only option for Internet Explorer

  • http://host:port/mjpeg
    plain MJPEG stream, can be used with IP Vision or IP Vision Pro

  • http://host:port/snapshot.jpg
    single image snapshot

Net Video supports different stream types being accessed simultaneously.
Maximum number of simultaneous streams depends on several factors:
- network speed
- device type
- stream type
HTML5 and MJPEG streams perform better and require less processing power on your device
if you use Windows with Internet Explorer, it would be better to install an alternate browser