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Contacts Tool

Contacts Tool has a comprehensive set of tools for exporting/importing contacts, manipulating groups, bulk change/formatting fone numbers and transferring contacts to another iPhone/iPod or a computer.

Includes English and Portuguese localizations.

It allows you to export your entire AddressBook or selected records in seven different formats: TXT, HTML, LDIF (LDAP Data Interchange Format), Binary or CSV (comma separated values), MS Windows contacts, VCF (vCard) and transfer the exported file to a computer or another iPhone/iPod.

Files exported in LDIF, CSV, VCF (vCard) and Binary format can be imported in the same iPhone/iPod or in a another iPhone/iPod.

Exported files can be easily transferred to a PC or Mac via WiFi or 3G/EDGE using a built-in web server, email or via USB using iTunes file sharing.

Files can be sent directly to another iPhone or iPod via WiFi, 3G/EDGE or bluetooth. The receiving device must running Contacts Tools web server or bluetooth server.

Dropbox and mobileme idisk are also supported to upload/download files.

Contacts can be directly sent/received to/from Goolge Gmail contacts.

You can also create/delete groups and assign/remove contacts to different groups. The iPhone natively does not have a tool to manage groups, it could only to be done in your computer. Export by group is supported.

Contacts Tool also allows you to perform bulk changes and formatting of phone numbers. This is particularly handy for travelers. Arriving in another country you can add the international dialing prefix to your phone numbers to be able to phone home. On return the dialing prefix can be removed.

QR Code barcode based on NTT DOCOMO specification can be generated.
The barcode can be read directly from the iPhone screen with a phone (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry ...) equiped with camera and the appropriate software.

Contacts can also be printed directly from your iPhone/iPod (Requires iOS4.2 with AirPrint enabled).

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What Contacts Tool export option should I use?

Target  Contacts Tool export option 
 iPhone/iPod touch  Binary
 Android  vCard
 Mozilla Thunderbird  LDIF Mozilla
 MacOSX Address Book  vCard
 Google Gmail  vCard
 Microsoft Windows 7/Vista   Windows contacts 
 Microsoft Outlook  vCard
 Microsoft Excel  CSV
 HTTP server  HTML
 Read on a PC  Text
 Barcode reader  QR Code barcode

Screen shots

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With Contact Tools one can:

  • Transfer the entire AddressBook or just a few records to another iPhone/iPod and import the records on the receiving device.
  • Save the entire AddressBook in LDIF format for backup purposes.
  • Create a HTML file (including contacts photos) for viewing on a web browser.
  • Create a text file (without contact photos) for editing or printing on a PC/Mac.
  • Since LDIF is supported by a large number of applications, your contacts can be imported by other products currently not supported by iTunes.
  • Contacts from PC/Mac applications that support LDIF format can be transferred to an iPhone/iPod.
  • Create/delete groups and assign/remove contacts to different groups.
  • Perform bulk changes to phone numbers.
  • Print contacts.

All files created by Contacts Tool in export operations use UTF8 encoding.