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Frequently asked questions

Question 1

Q: How can I delete contacts?

A: Tap "Export to file" and scroll to the end of the list. You will find the following buttons: "Select All", "Select None", "Delete Selected".
Note: a backup file is automatically created and can be imported back in case you change your mind and decide to "undelete" the contacts.

Question 2

Q: How can I transfer exported contacts to/from my computer?

A: Contacts Tool has a built-in WEB server. Start the WEB server (tap "File transfer" -> "WEB server" -> "Start server"). Use any WEB browser (IE, Firefox, Safari ...) in your computer and enter the URL shown at the bottom of your iPhone/iPod screen.

Files can also be transferred via USB using iTunes file sharing.

You can also transfer files to Dropbox or mobileme.

Question 3

Q: I use custom labels, will export/import preserve my custom labels?

A: Yes.

Question 4

Q: I have a photo in some of my contacts, will export/import preserve my photos?

A: Yes.

Question 5

Q: I have formated my phone numbers using Contacts Tool but I can't see the new format in the iPhone/iPod Contact application?

A: The iPhone/iPod Contact app contains its own formatting algorithm. You will view your numbers with the new format on desktop programs and on files exported by Contacts Tool.

Question 6

Q: Can I export/import my groups?

A: Yes.