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NetClipboard FAQ

Questions and answers:

Question 1

Q: My iPad is connected to my home network via WiFi. I also have a Mac connected via cable to the network. They both have NetClipboard but autodiscovery doesn't work, what is wrong?

A: Probably your "WiFi box" is configured as a router and your Mac and iPad are on separate networks. There is a router between them. You can configure your "WiFi box" in bridge mode or set static peers in NetClipboard.

Question 2

Q: My iPhone and my iPod are connected to the same WiFi network but autodiscovery doesn't work, what is the problem?

A: There are 3 possible causes:
1 - NetClipboard group number is different on the iPhone and iPod.
2 - NetClipboard port number is different on the iPhone and iPod.
3 - Both iPhone and iPod are running NetClipboard slave version. One of them has to be master.

Question 3

Q: How can I tell if my NetClipboard is master or slave?

A: On iOS, tap the "i" icon and you can read master or slave, also you can check the icon on the lower left corner of the main screen, if it is a shopping cart you have a slave version, if the icon is a mail envelope you have a master version.
On Mac OS X or Windows it is displayed in the about box.

Question 4

Q: My iPhone is connected via 3G and I have configured my home desktop ip address as a static peer but it doesn't work. What can I do?

A: Usually a home LAN is connected to the internet using a router. IP addresses in the LAN are reserverd ip addresses (10.x.x.x, 172.16.x.x, 192.168.x.x) not routable on the internet and only the router external ip address (assigned to you by your ISP) can be seen on the internet. Most routers support a mechanism called port forwarding that allows access from the internet to a device in the home network.
In your iPhone you have to enter the router external ip address and configure port forwarding in the router.

Question 5

Q: I have an iPhone and iPad connected via 3G, static peer is configured but I can't transmit data, what is the problem?

A: Assuming that the static peer address is correct (note that it changes frequently), most likely your carrier is blocking inbound connections. If that is the case nothing can be done (consider moving to another carrier).