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CryptoVault keeps your private or sensitive informaion securely stored on your iPhone or iPod touch. You can store credit card information, PINS, bank account data, site access userid/password, pictures, etc.

Access to the stored information requires a password of your choice. The access password is never stored anywhere on your device.
Warning: do not forget the password. There is no way to recover it!

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Quick overview

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  • Strong AES 256-bit encryption.

  • Inactivity time-out shuts down the application.

  • Penalty for entering the wrong password X times.

  • Pictures from iPhone photo library can be imported and encrypted.

  • Flexible record definition. You are not tied to a set of pre-defined forms.

  • Data can be organized in categories.

  • Templates for commomly used categories can be created.

  • Icons and templates can be downloaded via HTTP or FTP.

  • Multiple vault files are supported (each with it's own password)

  • Vault files can be saved on your home computer via FTP.

  • Records can be defined as websites, phone numbers or email. Those records when tapped lauch the appropriate iPhone application.