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Windows/MacOSX decrypt utility

vdecrypt is a simple command line utility to decrypt CryptoVault files on Windows or MacOSX.
It can be used to decrypt data files and images.


In the zip file you will find both Windows and MacOSX (universal binary) versions.
Running vdecrypt without parameters displays the following:

vdecrypt version 1.0.0 Copyright MMVIII - Marcio Almeida vdecrypt filein fileout

When you run vdecrypt to actually decrypt a file, you will be asked to enter the appropriate password for that file.

CryptoVault data file "vault.dat" is a binary file located in the "data/VAULTNAME" directory. The directory may also contain encrypted images. vdecrypt can also be used to decrypt images.

When decrypted, CryptoVault data files are xml files. On a Mac the outputfile should be named "xxx.plist" and on Windows "xxx.xml".


vdecrypt vault.dat myfile.xml


vdecrypt vault.dat myfile.plist

Windows command prompt

MacOSX terminal