Software Design

TTrix Software Design

TTrix Software Design is the home for applications developed by Márcio C. Almeida

Featured Mac OS X Sofware

Featured iPhone/iPad Sofware

  • NetClipboard for iOS  - extend the clipboard to other devices on a network.
  • MAcalc - RPN/Algebraic powerful calculator. The first scientific calculator available for iPhone!
  • MAcalc Pro - RPN/Algebraic advanced programmable graphing calculator for iPhone/iPod.
  • i123 - spreadsheet for iPhone/iPod with chart(pie,line,bar) and encryption.
  • CryptoVault - keep secret information encrypted on your iPhone.
  • PictureVault - keep secret photos encrypted on your iPhone.
  • IP Vision - monitor IP cameras in your home/office/world.
  • IP Vision Pro - monitor IP cameras in your home/office/world and control PTZ.
  • Flight Chronograph - clock, stopwatch and user defined timers.
  • Contacts Tool - export/import and transfer AddressBook contacts and groups manager.
  • Net Control - manage PCs with IAMT, wake using WOL, control ADAM Modules.
  • DeviceInfo  - displays detailed network interfaces information, routing table and more.
  • SNMPmon  - monitor SNMP-capable devices.
  • Map-o-meter  - measure distance/area on a map.
  • Net Video  - transforms your iDevice into a remote video camera.
  • Boleto Scanner - Barcode scanner for boletos bancários do Brazil.

Featured BlackBerry Sofware

  • MAcalc - RPN/Algebraic scientific/programmers calculator with units convertion.